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your charts look clean

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Hi Forgiven, Thank you for a balanced and sensible response. I agree with what you are saying. I'm not promoting any vendor or software, just responding to an earlier comment that something was 100% BS (I thought that statement was flippant and ill-informed) <<--KEY POINT. But we all say things like that sometimes, so no big deal.

If I can work out how to post a couple of images here & it is not against the forum rules, I'll show you my trades from yesterday - from around the London open up to the point I got side-tracked with this conversation. I also point out that I just started a Topstep Combine yesterday too (you can see my account name starting with Jan11 on the Rithmic dashboard). I've passed a couple of Combines before & had a funded account, but screwed it up so am starting again (I mentioned something previously about not having spare cash, which is why I'm using Topstep - who I don't represent either.)

Unfortunately, it is now the 12th so the Rithmic dashboard (used to register Topstep trades) doesn't show all the trades, just the total which includes profit, less commissions for the day. You can see my trades on the 610 tick chart so you can figure it out. I've also posted a Flux chart for the same time period. I did not use this chart as I only just received it by a promotional/review email. The signals were generated ahead of time and look pretty good to me. While BTTF don't give free trials, they do send out the predicted signals for a couple of markets each & every week for Wed & Thur (they send them ahead of time if you register for free). They then run a live review of the signals as they occur. I don't normally watch them, but looking at the CL chart, maybe I should. Anyway, my friend who lets me view his chart via screen share has a whole lot of stuff on his charts, mostly based around a 1 tick Renko and it doesn't look as simple as this. He is in the US and wasn't out of bed when I took my trades so I didn't have his screen share either.

The attached Flux chart is just one of many ways the signals can be presented. It looks ridiculously simple here, but the actual extent of the moves don't always work this well, even if the timing is good. You definitely need other analysis for that. Sometimes the signals only last for 1 bar, sometimes the moves actually go in the opposite direction to that predicted. You can't just buy the software and become a millionaire (yep, I know they all say that as a lead to "yes you can"...). I took pretty similar trades without the Flux chart, so it's not the only way to do it (that's another reason I'm not rushing out to buy the software).

I have about 10 different charts I'm using to look at one market (CL) - (none of which include a Moving Average). That many charts seems ridiculous too, but I'm not that good of a trader with just price action, so I need some help. They all have their own features & when they line up, the trade is usually good. If all trades went as well as yesterday (and Wednesday after the Crude Stock Report), I'd be loading up the contracts and making a killing. I'm not there yet, hopefully soon.

There are a lot of really good traders posting on this site and I've learned a lot reading their comments. Of course, there are some that are trying to run a scam just like everywhere else. You have to do your research and figure it out, because often you don't know who to trust or what their agenda is (I've read a whole lot of stuff on BTTF including exposures of scam trading site reviewers, but that is another topic - just Google it).

Now I'm not attempting to promote my trading style/methods either. I'm still figuring them out myself. I'm not starting my own thread and won't respond to any questions on what I'm doing (sorry, but I just don't have the time).

My thanks to Big Mike for providing this site. It definitely is the best available.

What I am attempting to post here is:

1 - My 610 tick chart showing my trades for the day (until interrupted) - Man, I wish they were all like this.
2 - My Rithmic dashboard showing the P&L for the day
3 - The Flux chart (received after the event). I could go back & find the deleted email from earlier in the week that would have included these signal times, but I'm not going to because I know the signals will be the same.
4 - A 5000 tick chart showing some market geometry I was using (along with a random SIM trade that I forgot about - I usually use a stop). I originally set this up as a 30000 tick chart but have reduced it to 5000 for clarity.

(Attachments via my Google Drive, so if viewing this weeks or months from now, the files won't be there. Please don't ask me to look for them!)

1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -

i am very sorry if i made a comment that was degrading .... you received a hard time from me and jonny boy...because.we know the vendor... he has posted pretending to be a user...he does that kind of stuff...he also hypes the software... cherry picking screen shots an takes advantage of new traders ..3000 with no free trail or support ... over the long run if he quits the software will the uses less at some point...let me give you an example said you have OFA well so do i..i paid 10,000 for life time software and education 7 years ago. well guess what DB. changed ever thing around and i had to pay 1400 for ninja and just F the life time education ...we have new instructors you have to pay now.. thousands... you see vendors have to keep selling you stuff...Jonny Boy is a good guy ..he is looking out like me for new trader...i ask this vendor for a free trail and he refused. now i would like to look at your stuff my self....i would like to know how it works i have a open mind... and you can post any thing you want as long as it is on subject.. i do not think your a vendor now so if i can help with anything send me a private message...

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