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Getting overwhelmed......

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During the weekend, i have been reviewing my notes from when I first started trading.
There is just too many to review. Also being a perfectionist I feel like I need to thoroughly test every indicator that I have written down.

In my current trading, I barely use any indicators and my method has become a lot more simple. However, I am always looking to see what I can improve on my trading.

I feel like there is always something to test, backtest, review, read, listen, learn, etc regarding the markets and I am wondering if this ever stops? I'm exhausted.....been a student of the market for 8 years now.

Of course I can tune out by simply putting my mind to other things such as playing a video game instead, or going to the gym, but the hard worker in me feels like I should be pushing.......

That being said, I feel like
My trading has gotten a lot better and I've started getting better mentally. I just wanted to say that I feel slightly overwhelmed with the constant research regarding the market. Should I just delete the notes I have written down from years ago or just leave it in some tucked behind folder and never look back.

I understand you - you love what you do and you are driven to always improve. It is who you are.

Think about where you were two years after you first started trading. Think about where you were two years ago compared to where you are now. I imagine that you learned a lot more between the periods of raw beginner and trader for two years, than you did between the years of trading for six years and now.

There is a law of diminishing returns.

There is a point where a commitment towards improvement in one aspect of your trading will result in a deficiency in another - a deficiency that did not exist before the commitment to improvement. The result is the attempt to improve on the deficiency created after implementation of the previous commitment to improvement. As the cycle continues, returns continue to diminish until the trader feels...a little overwhelmed.

Feeling overwhelmed is the negative affect of always feeling you have to be working toward improvement, and in time it will effect your trading. Therefore, I recommend you commit yourself to improvement by not endlessly pursuing the commitment towards improvement. You have reached the point where you will be the most successful student of the markets through your on-going experience as a trader.

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