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How to break into HFT

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How to break into HFT

Not sure if this is a good place for this thread but:

How can I break into High frequency trading? Im 18 now and will be going to nyu stern next year studying finance. A few things first: do you think height frequency trading is going to be relevant in say, 4-10 years? Or do you think this market will be saturated? I'm very interested in building an algorithm while at Stern, but I'm not good at programming or computer science yet. On the other hand, I'm very good at math and calculus. What sort of courses should I be taking? How difficult is it to make an algorithm? Also why don't more people opt for hf algos instead of discretionary algos? For a great hft do you need to get a phd or? Also, what makes the difference between an HFT that Goldman Sachs is using and one that some small boutique is using?

Anyways I'm interested in creating a high frequency algorithm down the line, and I should have the resources (stern & access to MBA + grad school work) but I feel behind the curve in the sense that many people my age can code very well already.


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