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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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like Felton

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Except when some vendors list his "track record" like a spreadsheet, with all the money you could have made trading his system, and none of those trades were taken live - or in some cases, some vendors are known for not being clear about what they call as trades in the room, and the winners show up in the "track record" report on the website but losers are no where to be found.

@monpere, would you stop trading your system live, and instead only trade it sim and run a room selling those signals?


show a veto making it look as easy as falling of a log..then a huge profit curve with no draw down going back years// over 300,000 trading 2 contracts in two years or so... no a single draw down...it is the grail// come on in

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