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Desktop/screen management and eliminating window resizing from my life

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Just started playing around with DisplayFusion (DF). Some info for anyone interested.

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1. the ability to customize the size of the screen subdivisions, not just be limited to equal sized 1x2, 2x1 or 2x2 splits.

DF can do this.

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2. the ability to work with IB Trader Workstation (or other Java-based apps) - these windows aren't recognized by a screen splitter like MaxTo, so maximizing them fills the entire screen.

DF recognizes IB TWS windows, so it can maximize them into whatever split screen pattern you want. E.g., set up a 4x4 grid and maximize chart windows into each subdivision of the grid. So this is an advantage over MaxTo.

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3. the ability to maximize streaming video (e.g., CNBC) into one of these screen subdivisions. Basic screen splitters, such as MaxTo, cannot do this - if you maximize the video, it fills the entire screen. So you're left with sizing the screen subdivision to fit the video at the size you want, along with the wasted window real estate of the header, scroll bar, etc. This is clearly a first world problem, so I can live with MaxTo, but if there's a better mousetrap . . . The foregoing may not be particularly clear, so I'll explain another way. Let's say I have a 2x2 split screen with CNBC streaming in a browser in one quadrant. I'd like to hit the maximize button on the video and have video fill the entire quadrant and NOT the entire screen.

No go here for DF. Maximizing a streaming video or youtube video fills the entire display, rather than maximizing to the subdivision the browser window is in. Likewise when selecting fullscreen mode on a video player like VLC.

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