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Data access: Ninjatrader for charting and something like CQG Trader for entry?

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I'm looking to switch brokers, and I'm curious about multiplatform data access. Say I switch to AMP and go with CQG Trader (or I go to S5 with S5 Trader) could I access that datafeed from Ninjatrader for charting? Or is the datafeed not accessible outside CQG Trader/S5 Trader?

(Just for clarity, I'd be paying for the new datafeed directly from S5 or AMP, rather than buying a feed directly from Kinetic/DTN/eSignal etc. In case it matters, I'd get CME w/ depth available in NT.)

Thank you!

I'm not with AMP but my experience is similar to @MichaelH, in that I too believe you need to have two separate accounts (and thus double the fees).

I do what you're looking to do now, i.e. I have a QTrader platform which I use for both charting and order entries, and I have a NT platform which I use mainly for charting and market replay.

I have 2 separate data feeds for this, hence I pay twice the cost.

If anyone knows of a way to go around that I'd love to hear from them...

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