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Trend following futures with 10k?

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You're welcome. Not sure if you wish to trade a trend-following methodology as the OP.

If you want to trade a trend-following methodology with futures and a small account, I would avoid forex and the index futures. Commodities that can do big runs are what you need. Look at what silver did a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately identifying the big movers in advance is not that easy. One way could be to look for commodities that have been going sideways for a long time, have had very little volume for a long time, suddenly sees a volume spike and then starts moving up. Catch one of those in a multi-week / month trend and you will sit with a decent winner if you manage to exit at the right time.

I agree for the OP. I just had a look at MNF - Micro Nifty and it is just astonishingly thin. I am profitable on ES/CL however I do like the idea of trading corn and such as I believe there is some forecasting skill in this. CL is just news and noise however thick enough to scalp. I did well on copper recently.

I am going to look at commodities more seriously now thank you Grausch!

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