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about profiletraders - market profile boot camp (www.profiletraders.com)

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Picked up a few new ideas

For those of you who have been using volume profile for some time, I think his series of webinars is excellent for picking up some new ideas and trading strategies. The thing about volume profile is that, unlike standard indicators, it's completely up to interpretation and there's always different ways of looking at it.

Having used volume profile for over 3 years now, and pretty much been there and done that, I didn't really expect to learn too much more from Reza. But, since the price was reasonable, and I recently made quite a decent amount from my trading already, I thought why not, it couldn't hurt and there's always room for learning. So instead of going out to buy a new Rolex, I decided to plunk down the $550 for his market profile series (costs much less than a Rolex also).

I must admit, that I was wrong. His first 2 webinars on market profile (boot camp and trade setups) were pretty standard (basically similar to what the rest of the other YouTube trading personalities are teaching), however, that's where it takes a complete turn and really goes into something quite unconventional (BUT logical). It really did help me look at these markets with a completely fresh pair of eyes. Which is a great thing. Only problem now, is I need to get 1 more monitor in order to display his chart setups.

Essentially, what he does is takes the time factor out of the equation altogether, and breaks the market up into swings. And then looks at each swing as a separate profile. So no longer looking at time based profiles, rather price based profiles. (hang on, before you reply that you already know about micro composites, his approach is quite different :P).

I really have learnt quite a lot from his material, and now basically trying to incorporate that into my own trading. On top of that, you also get 1 year in his trading room where he'll readily answer any questions you have, so that's a great plus.

Other than that, have really nothing negative to say about it. The cost is decent, and if you're looking to get some fresh ideas, or even if you are brand new to market profile, I highly recommend it based on the price he's charging.

Feel free to ask or PM me if you want further details.


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