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CFD Broker for DAX

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Hi Pvlee,

Thank you for an answer. I have narrowed it down to oanda a fxcm now. The idea of using ninja is big plus. Do you mind me asking, do you trade with fxcm?

Also, I'm still confused from difference between trading futures and CFDs in pricing and quiet frankly feeling like an idiot.

Dax on futures move in points, where one point is worth 25 per 1 Lot, and half a point is worth 12.5.
On CFDs on a 1 lot how much is one point worth? Is it 10 and 1/2 point 5 or point is worth 20 and 1/2 point is worth 10.

What ever it is, you could clarifi please, 0.1 lot dax CFDs will be worth 1/10 of a full lot.

Sorry for being an idiot with this, I just can't get it.
Thank you

I have a few accounts with FXCM and have found them to be pretty good. Slippage doesn't seem to be any more than trading oil futures, although Maybe if I tried trading large volume I may see more execution problems. The spread on GER30 is usually around 1 point, although has been 3 points during high volatility periods eg. Brexit, Grexit

FXCM use a lot based system and 1 lot on Ger30 is approx 6.5p, so you can learn to trade and only risk peanuts.

If you are just starting out, I would recommend this over futures unless you are looking to risk/make a few grand a day then futures would be better

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