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The sharing/not sharing dilemma

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Hi Rory

Who are you working with now?

Nobody anyone would have heard of, they donīt take retail clients having abandoned that years ago. I know my broker well and he does not want public enquiries.

I got in under a friend of a friend thing, some good dharma from charity work I do maybe. Iīm spoilt with them, I get a very rolls royce experience, same as they give their funds and props etc. They really do know their stuff however their brokerage side is vastly larger than NT.

In a way, if I had not had such a woeful experience with NT in 2014, my buddy would not have made an exception for me. I did look like I was about to have a stress driven heart attack by November 2014.

I would have certainly and gladly shared lots of good stuff on FIO by now if I had stayed on NT but it did not happen that way. Que sera.

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