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The sharing/not sharing dilemma

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not sure if I understand correctly what you're trying to say. but the very success of this forum was based on helping/sharing. and that included helping with coding for nt.

I know you might not be aware of this, since you're still kind of a newbie (member since 2014)

I guess what I am saying is NT have dug themselves a hole (I believe). They have pissed away a lot of goodwill for their platform and brokerage and are reacting slowly.

I own a lifetime licence but other than charting and a few indicators which I am still fond of I effectively abandoned NT brokerage long ago for ordering.

I did contact them recently with some positive suggestions on how to pep up their image (CTFC complaints reg ecosystem not helping either) but while I got a response, it was too mundane and confirmed (to me anyway) that they have little self-awareness.

Of course the forum is based on sharing but.. its a two way street, NT is not actually a big business and they would IMHO do well to get involved as a vendor as there is a LOT of migration.

Even Shark Indicators aka Bloodhound had a notice about NT 8 compability reading something roughly like, we will have a beta when NT can bother to respond to us on a technical matter (I think a bug), we are one of their significant partners but we give up asking for a resolution eta.

The exact wording had quite a pissed off tone which was surprising from a vendor indicating a lot of frustration. The reason I created TPV (my bespoke bot) is NT 7 had a core bug identified by my C (everything) developer in 2014, acknowledged by support as real and a problem for what we wanted to do. Their response was effectively we are working on NT 8, cannot fix anything in 7 now. I was burning too much cash to risk being cast on the rocks like that more than once so jumped ship.

In retrospect they were not the people to do big work with but I had limited industry frame of reference in 2014. My new broker sorted me out for enterprise class software with no undocumented code or proprietary secrets.

Just a "newbie" insight of course

If I am very wrong and the dev I know can find a way to commercially provide a service to FIO members, fine, great. Im not cutting noses off to spite here.

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