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The sharing/not sharing dilemma

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Yep we could go on all day listing the examples. The bad thing is, the folks that helped her and freely gave her those proprietary indicators, once burned are going to be a lot less motivated to take
a chance again and put their stuff out there for free next time. The problem Beth and those like her
are now facing is, all that advanced code is stuck on NT7, best of luck migrating it to NT8. Not to mention
all the new innovation possible with NT8, good luck finding any of that for free now.

I was discussing along these lines with a developer last week getting some personal suff ported.

Ninjatrader Ecosystems is kind of a toxic swamp, the CTFC possibly using it as a to-do list. Doing stuff with Ninjatrader seems like being a dog with a bad master (intentional FIO dog pun there). Ray just seems to be very lackluster or distant but I guess they have largely been interested in noobs/marketshare so why bother.

The NT7 to NT8 conversion thread is drawing little interest from the usual faces of competent developers here. Why bother help Ninjatrader for free when they are just so grey. I would do stuff for Mattz maybe as he contributes well sometimes but not NT.

I ended up saying to this C dev (he has plenty of work, honest man, but conversions and new functions are easy filler for him) not to bother offering a service for NT8 on FIO. He is just likely to have trouble with novices who do not know how to spec software or cannot defferentiate between bad code and a bad idea. Some will very likely not value the work or treat him professionally if for example someone who works for free chimes in that xyz could be done differently or better (shock horror). Appearing in Ecosystems lately could even backfire.

Regarding sharing trading systems, I drop hints and give clues to what can be done fairly often but as has been said so many times, if you have not invested your own ingenuity you will fail. I try to dogwhistle maybe (more dog stuff) to the brighter people who need a little inspiration.

Guru hunters who will do anything but trust and take responsibility for their own original decisions are dispiriting to spoon feed. They think a lot but mostly about how to get someone else to do the thinking for them.

Reminds me of metacognition "thinking about thinking" and thats a bad sign that I am writing this post

Now of course they won the Ignoble prize for another paper but I recon that shows their genius.

(Ok Im a bit moody today haha, need more exercise)

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