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Do you synchronize your PC time exactly with CME?

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Is this a lag on the source or on your connection ?

minutes.. is an issue
seconds... is not an issue

i get weekly approached on HFT infrastructure
i believe this is not my edge
i do fire a lot of orders (not to be confused with HFT)

my edge is on market bias
and market direction
if i don't get the best fill it's about 1 or two ticks..
not worth the investment for the size i trade...

get the bias right for 10/20 ticks
and then focus on the optimization of the ticks..

my humble opinion

Not sure where the lag comes from to be honest.

This isn't part of my edge as I hold trades for 13-25 pts on the NQ (minutes and hours time-wise), but my stops are rather tight in comparison (4.5-6 pts) so it could potentially affect one of my entry / exit points.

It's one of those things where if it was a hassle to change, I wouldn't bother doing it. But if it's simple then what do I have to lose?

Imagine you live in a very hot climate and you are looking to buy a car, and the dealer is offering you a package that includes a heated steering wheel.

If it's free or almost free, then why wouldn't you take the upgrade? But if it costs $1,500 to upgrade and it will most likely not make a difference for you, then you wouldn't even bother.

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