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Do you synchronize your PC time exactly with CME?

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Maybe i missed something...

But, have you experienced a failure ? or an edge ? being milliseconds alignee with an atomic clock ?

Or is this discussion about something different ?
In general i will avoid trading shortly before and shortly after important economic new events
and still from time to time i get toasted (like this week in 6b, not in a bad way, but i missed
a major series or 'triggers'... that were not flagged

Would be keen to get your ideas about this..

i'm not on HFT
a second does not make any difference..

Miliseconds doesn't matter to me, but I do want to be as close as possible at least to the second.

This question came up because last week while watching Bloomberg I was at 9:31+ and they were talking about how the market open is in about 15-20 seconds. I know there is a delay int he stream, but I figured a 2 minute delay was probably not right.

This won't make a big difference outside of critical times (open, FOMC announcements, etc.). But it could make a small change into what my candles look like, specially on high volatile environments. I read the candles and the wicks to determine the 'feel' of the market so it could make a difference.

The difference is marginal at best, but the effort to change it is minimal.

A marginal gain for minimal effort? I'll take that improvement any day of the week.

Hope this clears things up.

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