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The sharing/not sharing dilemma

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This really is a conundrum.

On the one hand, this is one of the most competitive endeavors we can undertake. The markets are highly efficient, meaning to find and then sustain a mathematical edge is really hard to do. So, if I invest my resources (time, intellect/experience and money) into developing a legitimate edge in the market, how does it benefit me to freely hand that out at the front door like Halloween candy ?

On the other hand, I am here to learn (as are most who come here), and I am grateful to those who have helped me either directly or indirectly. Having gained that direct benefit I felt motivated to 'give back to the community', and have found a few small opportunities to give back in my own way. So it can be a win-win if we each give of our time and talent, and as we all know there are many contributors here of exceptional talent for which we can all be grateful.

Now here's the rub. When someone freely shares their valuable work on a forum of this high level of public visibility, what is to stop a business enterprise from "monetizing" that contribution for their own enrichment (meaning a vendor who steals and markets (sells for profit) the indicators, strategy, or trading concepts/method). Personally, I am not particularly concerned with an individual private trader using anything they learn here for their own personal use. It has been my practical experience given a trading method which has a consistent edge, the majority of individuals don't have the capacity to capitalize on that edge (most will still find a way to consistently lose money). There is an "it factor" required to sustain consistent profitability, a few individuals have an aptitude for this business, but sorry to say the hard truth is, most don't have what it takes.

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