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eminishark system

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I appreciate you posting this information. I'm always interested in seeing what the vendors sell.

Are you making money or have you just started?

Also, how do they recommend you filter the arrows. You can't take them all from what I see or you would be whipsawed out of an account.


I am monitoring the system over the next few weeks to understand it better and see, as you said, where there might be conflicting info with false signals... i.e. counter trades above the 34EMA line with no significant delta vol that generate arrows .... I might use those arrows for exits, and not necessarily for reversing, as I monitor the higher time frame trend and signals..

I also wanted to do it the retarded monkey style on a lower time frame.. meaning, I take all signals and manage the trades with PT/SL and reversals to see what it does ...

The goal is to possibly trade it in about 3-4 weeks, or if I gain confidence on the system, much sooner... I don't really do simm personally, given that order execution is not realistic on simm, it does come close on tradevec, but still.. hard to simulate accurate fills I think... I normally set aside certain amount of my testing account and trade 1 contract at 1:1 Risk/Reward ratio and cap it at $1K overall loss worst case ...

that way I test my understanding and protect my testing capital.. and then If successful, I continue to trade there until I am 100% confident on the system and have seen it work for a few months.. then I trade it on my larger account with daily goals and once reached I don't trade that account anymore for the day to avoid over trading...

that is my method so far(it has evolved from where it started long ago), some people might find it overkill as it implies risking capital upfront, but it is what works for me and it protects me as it fits what I am comfortable with. Case in point, EOTPRO never made it past the testing account phase and it only broke even for the most part.. and only because I changed the money management rules to capture less ticks and not what their system suggested.. I looked into automating it, but NCEP is only NT7 only and I am more familiar with EL on MC/TS for strategies... so I never truly pursued it. I am told by someone else who tried it that it was still a money loser automated.

oh, lastly... my market direction bias is now-a-days being set by looking at the traders and commodities almanac... ... I started consulting it a few months ago and I find to be of use within my trading for overall market bias IMHO...

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