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Is School of Trade legitimate? (

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san antonio, tex
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Remember Bernie Madoff? He claimed on 8% yearly return. Had a huge huge following. Was taking in $$$ hand over fist. And at the end of each quarter, he claimed that he closed all his trades. But there wasn't anyone that would admit that they took the other side. In addition, there wasn't any market activity to account for the massive amount of trades that he claimed closed out at the end of each quarter. And all this was beyond the CFTC and SEC.

But the B S gets deeper. Jim Cramer (MadMoney) said that his GPA was to low to for him to get hired by the regulatory agencies. That is, the government only hires the "cream of the crop". I wonder what does the government have on Jim Cramer to blackmail him into saying that?

And Bernie's wife claimed she didn't know what a Ponzi Scheme was. Ivy League education, with expensive private secondary school education, and she doesn't know what a Ponzi Scheme was? More like she knew enough to play dumb.

My point is the press is so full of b s.

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