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eminishark system

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I never met anyone that made money with EOTPro....yes way too black box!

the concept is what drives people to it I think... the thought that your trading probabilities are being determined by a neural net(AI) might give some comfort to those who dont want to learn about the markets and due their homework... regardless, it is a huge black box...

I would much rather build my own adaptive auto trading system with something like neuroshell or neurosolutions, or even biocomp's dakota... things we can afford at a retail level and at least I will know the rules that go into it and then adapt them when something does not work.. vs. EOTPRO that just spews signals.

Dont take me wrong, eminishark is a closed system, but thus far I have had far better communications with the developer when asking questions (and I ask a lot of them since I am a curious person) and he has responded quickly even with the time difference... which to me is a great thing...

When I have asked questions on the room at EOTPRO as to what an indi does or what is it operating on or heck, if they are any documents explaining what each settings does.. the answer has been a brief "no" and then I am usually ignored... just my experience, I dont know what others might have experienced with EOT, but I rather not focus on it and instead discuss this new system.

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