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eminishark system

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sounds like you trying learn many methods at the same time. It is the same as having multiple indicators on 1 chart they may look good but often in conflict when it comes to decision time.

I believe that all methods have validity, some of them are complimentary vs. complete opposites augmenting each other, and someone can always take away and incorporate pieces from those methods studied and into their own method.

from emini-watch I have learned about SR, MTF, and divergence ... and that is why I use the sinewave_jma indi and better mom ... I would like to say that I understand better_proam, I still put it up as an indication of trade size which is what I believe it to be of value to me as I believe program trading algo's can indeed execute low contracts sizes in very rapid sequence and as such the trade size is not always an indication IMO of who is at work, hence why I like to understand CVD with the way fulcrum does it... that helps me understand volume flow better... and lastly, MP is what I am studying and trying to understand better which will also aid me on my understanding of the markets, auction process, value analytics, SR, etc.

money and risk management, I have learned from reading other's experiences and seeing where, how and what lead to their failures; from books, from this forum and others like traderslab and some obscure ones, and just from plain common sense at times as to things one should not do, period.

am I doing the same thing as placing tons of indicators on a chart? nope, I am attempting to understand the markets from all angles absorbing as much information as possible to better my trading... unlike looking at all methods, not learning anything from anyone and just moving on to the next method before I even spend lots of time studying one method... to me, at the end of the day, a good understanding of the markets and how they function along with risk/money management and discipline is what makes a good trader, and as such I study those methods that actually focus on an aspect of a market vs. on teaching me how to use an indicator.

I doubt very much those that are making a living off trading futures full time are not continously learning and studying other methods to see what they can incorporate within their own method/system to better or simplify it. I believe Adaptability is the key to survival. Perhaps I am wrong on my assumptions, but that is what I believe.

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