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eminishark system

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eminishark system

gents, I recall on another thread this system was mentioned. I was curious and I decided to investigate it and after speaking with the developer I went ahead and signed up for it.

Although the system only runs on the developers own trading program (atrader) and the program itself has a long way to go in terms of a charting and order execution platform, it is certainly in the same affordability level of amibroker, though I would stop the comparison there as amibroker is much more advanced.

atrader supports IB for OE, and ZenFire, Transact, IB, DTN for market data. I use DTN/IB/ZF, but DTN is really what I feed my charting program (given I am studing fulcrum traders method) and for OE I use tradevec. I have no intentions at present to use atrader as my main charting platform, but I see value on the shark system for learning and confirming one's understanding as signals are triggered and one observes volume, price, cumm delta, etc.

I am attaching some screen captures of tick charts with delta... the chrats are 500/1500/4500, as I follow some of the methods of Barry Taylor's (emini-watch.com) as well.. I will post other markets when I have a chance as well as a report of trade signals, etc.

I will say the following about the system so far, after watching it for 2 days, I prefer it to EOTPRO... both in terms of price.. $199 per month with a current intro offer of $299 for 3 months... and learning ability...

EOTPRO is extremely blackbox and I just cant learn anything from how the signals are generated, or can even attempt to extrapolate by reading the comments from their developers and past developers.. so when compared to $350 USD vs. $199 USD and I can plot the signals against the other indi's that I base my trades on and compare what my decision would have been and what the signal generated, I find shark to be better. just my personal opinion, as we are all entitled to it.

I think atrade is good overall if you want to use delta and market profile.. but as a charting/trading platform it has ways to go... those who love NT will argue for NT, those who love TS will argue for TS, those who love MarketDelta for MD, and those who love MC for multicharts.. I have tried them all, and I can say that I prefer MC for strategies, but I like MD for VB/MP.. but for discretionary trading I like tradevec/r-trader for Order Entry.. I know I might be offending a few.. I should mention that I am licensed for NT, it is just too unstable for me and it sucks on 64bit.. but b20 was a huge improvement overall. The point of my comments is to not focus on the trading platform, but rather the system, as one can have the system running on another Computer or a VM while charting/order entry is on separate system and platform overall.

and now, the charts...

Attached Thumbnails
eminishark system-shark-overnight-session-es.png   eminishark system-shark-overnight-session-es-1500.png   eminishark system-shark-morning-es-500-1500-4500.png   eminishark system-shark-morning-es-500-1500-4500.2.png   eminishark system-shark-morning-es-500-1500-4500.3.png  

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