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Importance of Volume

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Still as Retail Traders we have to do with what we have, and the best we have is the DOM as all Limit orders are not HFT, specially not as far as Futures are concerned. Also, an algo is just an automated program, there is often confusion between Algos and HFT, but if HFT instituions use algos, algos are not necessarily HFT related.

Of course, but I specifically am talking about HFT algorithms. The fact that there are thousands of orders being placed and removed before you can even see them due to the inherent speed at which these firms operate at simply makes it unbelievable to me that anyone can claim the DOM gives you an edge anymore as a retail trader operating at a higher timeframe. The actual trades are reflected on the price chart, so I cannot buy the argument that the DOM (which is a collection of orders that may or may not be filled or may not even reflect what is existing at that moment) is giving you something that the price chart is not. In fact, I think the opposite is true.

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