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RE: Sniper Scalping

Last post -

I sent Big Mike a private message to correct the post- namely a statement that Jack made regarding hearing that my company, BackToThefutureTrading, had bought SniperScalping from Andy Carlsen. This statement is, and always was materially untrue. Jack made a false public statement on this forum. Despite my having asked Jack to correct his statement, and asking Mike to intervene on his website regarding Jack having made a false defaming statement on his forum, we're back again.

Above, I stated that I have "zero" affiliation presently with SS. I never stated I never had an affiliation with them.

SS and BTTFT like every other trading tools company had an informal cross-promotional partnership. We would present our tools and methods to SS, and SS would promote their tools and methods to our customers. Usually once or twice a year. I've not disputed that - nor will I ever. It happened. Of course there are screenshots that show that.

We always had BTTFT customers that owned both pieces of software. We had customers that were happy with SS indicators. We never had any knowledge of SS's improper practices for the years leading up to our cross promotions.

And then for years, we had no cross-promotional events. No contact whatsoever, in fact. I used to cross market with only other other company, Steve Griffith's of MTPredictor, and we hadn't had any cross-promotional events with him, for years as well. Then, as your screenshots clearly show, something changed.

I was approached by Andy after years of no contact. He informed me that he was tired of sales, and getting out of that end of the business. He noted that we didn't have any price action based indicators, and wondered if I wouldn't assume the sales and marketing of his company and his software, Sniper Scalping.

We sent out the emails that you see. We still had only heard from the customers that we knew were doing okay using his tools, and proceeded in good faith to promote the SS indicators. A few months into the endeavor however, things fell apart. No one was coming to the webinars. Customers who needed tech support were unable to reach Andy and were being redirected to the SS programmer, Pablo. We were unable to contact Andy readily as well, and the whole thing stank to high heaven. So we shut it down.

It's apparent now, looking back, that he was probably being investigated at the time he attempted to pass his piece of shit along to us. That's a fantastic realization, if you think about it. To be associated with something or someone whose practices you are diametrically opposed to...who did the things you've avoided doing for nearly 10 years in your own business - and to have been that close to it, is a fail of epic proportions.

But to say you heard we "bought" SS, was, and is a lie. Or at the very least, hearsay, which isn't right. Members of this forum should be responsible when they post something like that. Jack hasn't been held to task, so here I am fumbling around again spending hours trying to explain and defend myself....again.

You now know everything about my involvement with SS. Jack's one post has already had a measurable effect on our company. In spite of that, I gave Jack a chance to experience us wholesale at no cost - warts and all - for as long as he wanted, and come back to you - as an Elite member and share his experiences to show that none of the things I was accused of (live trading for example) weren't happening in any of our classes, or webinars.. That's not self-promotion. It's defending your reputation and the integrity of the 5 families you represent against an untrue statement. Anyone here would do it. (Jack never contacted me btw. Maybe someone else will).

You now know everything I know, and did, and am doing. If I offended anyone in the execution of the defense, I apologize. We are not enemies, however. I've spent almost a decade doing this, as above board and with as much integrity as I know how to as a flawed human being. I've always ever done my best, and not taken any shortcuts.

I respect this forum, and it's members. I apologize again, as this will be my last post ever on this site. I wish you all prosperity, health, and good fortune on your journeys as traders.

Please send me a Private Message if you have any questions about BTTFT services
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