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Is School of Trade legitimate? (

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FINALLY!! Great!


That sh_t was and is complete garbage.

Maybe that is why they changed their name to

Those are other garbage garbage trading room from what I remember before.


Are also complete complete garbage >>> AND ALSO >>> In the Ninja Trader EcoSystem and they do a TON of WEBINARS.

The Turnover in his room is massive because after a month people realize he is a bullshiter and leave.

Sh_t he does:
  • Calls off trades and never shows his trades DOM or Chart Trader even though asked a million times repeatedly
  • he will say he got in at one price and his stop was at another -- then the market reaches that stop price and he says his stop was not hit and that the trade was perfect even though basically everyone in the room lost money
  • HIS SYSTEM WAS a Bunch of Indicators that are found here on FOR FREE !!!! And he goes around saying they are his only.
  • AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: He would go insane if you asked him for proof or anything or questioned him and his "system" in anyway. The guy is fkn INSANE. :O :O :O

There is a REASON WHY he DOES A TON OF WEBINARS FOR NINJA TRADERS "EcoSystem" because he is constantly, completely and routinely >>> losing money and then he needs Ninja Trader's Base to keep paying him the monthly fees.

Ninja Trader loses FACE and CREDIBILITY Every single second that guy is still on their "PARTNER" List!! Thank God they are finally starting to realize that. There is a reason Bloomberg charges $2000+ a month for their terminal. :O Crazy yes.. Over Priced? Yes Definitely but they have nothing but high yield and return indicators on their platform/terminal. If Ninja's starts cracking down and eliminating the crap then it would DEFINITELY get a ton more clients or even be able to charge a bit more for the licences. Both which would be good for the traders because that money would go into R&D or more programmers to finish the platform faster.

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