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Is School of Trade legitimate? (

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The question remains...What makes a trading room not a joke? What does it take?

Well we need to break it down to different categories of beginners as people learn differently / start at varying levels.

I needed a school to give me good fundamentals and sit me in class interactively with the live market for x hours a week. I was a complete complete beginner in April 2014. I really did not care if the instructor was making live trades or not, anything was better than what I knew. Support, resistance money management basics and I was off after three months.

Someone else might just need good reference materials.

Its easy to say its all terrible and nobody tries for the beginners but I ran across this recently as I was struggling to decipher an FIO webinar on order flow. Its hard to grasp when your a chart guy.

Order Flow Fundamentals in Futures Trading

It is really well broken down (order flow), there are a lot of articles there for their beginners from Optimus and its public anyway.

It would be nice to see more reviews (stars) to sort the better articles but I'd bet they get a lot of traffic and few rate articles until they have a lot of stars already. Darn lurkers.

I'm rushing but there is good stuff and honesty out there. Problem is as a beginner it feels like finding a needle in a haystack.

Edit: Its worse, I bet some beginners look for months and finally ask, ok whats a needle again? Not knowing what you don't know stage sucks.

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