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Is School of Trade legitimate? (

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We can agree to disagree, but I don't believe what Emmett is doing is inherently 'bad'.

I have no dog in the fight other than I read him and his actions and motives very differently. I will say I very very thoroughly researched his background last year but I will not make false equivalency of everyone's judgement is just as valid etc etc.

Why did I do this research? He tried to lean on an acquaintance. I would LOVE to explain it in detail but my friend does not want his good name dragged through the mud by association (sensibly). Lets just say that if you have resources to be legally threatening he won't write a review (allegedly).

He is not a good guy from what I've seen and been told. He still lies and deceives for his financial gain (and narcissism) using the ruse of being poacher turned gamekeeper and trying to trick people by being open about his past. He has no choice, he knows he would be found out and his father would suffer (they have the same name). For me, and I have old fashioned standards, its fruit of a poisoned tree as he is not repentant and still scheming.

But its my opinion. No argument with you JonnyBoy. I don't want to be seen as contrary on this, just I feel morally obliged to be tough here.

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