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range bars, dukascopy, tradestation, strategy, ideas

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Hey strmci, I have done some back-testing, manual back-testing. It is the most time consuming but the best accuracy (in my opinion). No it is not automated. I trade ES, CL, and the currency futures. I only use range bars, no candles (did that for years). I use anywhere from 6 range to 16 range depending on the speed of the market. The faster the market is moving, the larger the range bars. I mostly use 16 range. I am aware of economic reports that are coming out. I keep things very simple. Practice, practice, practice. If you get a 1-2-3 at a good S/R level, that is a good reversal signal - get in, or you can enter with trend at any Ross hook that follows the 1-2-3 signal,(if you miss or doubt the reversal). I usually trade 2 and 3 lots, taking one off at .75R and move stop to break even. I take another one off at 2R, then look for that big runner. I get stopped out at break even quite often, but that is the name of the game, that is a free trade on the runners. Its that occasional big runner that adds the icing on the cake. After years of trying what seems like everything, that is what works for me. There are many many ways to make it work, this one works fro me. Hop that helps. KEEP IT SIMPLE

Hm, it seems good, I looked at the ross hook pattern, I have not heard about it before, it looks good. Why have you not tried to automate it? Do you think there are many various things to look at, so it will be complicated to write it down to code and backtest?

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