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Trading futures with Tradovate "no commissions" broker?

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Can someone clarify a few things for me.

Hmmmm what is the actual cost of a round trip on the SandP/Bund/Dax futures contract? Or any others?
On their fees section, it is not clear if the figures posted are per side or round trip.

Symbol Market Exchange Group Exchange Fee NFA Fee Transaction Fee
NQ E-Mini NASDAQ 100 CME E-Mini Indices $1.17 $0.01 $0.09
TF Russell 2000 Index Mini ICE Futures US E-Mini Indices $1.30 $0.01 $0.09
ES E-Mini S&P 500 CME E-Mini Indices $1.17 $0.01 $0.09
YM E-Mini Dow ($5) CBOT E-Mini Indices $1.16 $0.01 $0.09
FDXM Mini-DAX EUREX Indices 0.38 EUR $0.01 $0.09
NKD Nikkei 225 (USD) CME Indices $2.10 $0.01 $0.09
FDAX DAX Index EUREX Indices 0.67 EUR $0.01 $0.09
FESX Euro Stoxx 50 EUREX Indices 0.47 EUR $0.01 $0.09

So looking at popular markets: Bund/SandP/Dow Jones, you can see that there are transaction costs per trade:
SandP $1.27
DOw $1.26
Bund 0.45 euros

If it's per side, then the savings are not so clear cut. I can see exchanges are included on the higher priced options which is pretty good. But if the platform is limited then you would need your own data feed and charting package on top, pretty much like everyone else.

Would be curious to see if I have got the wrong end of the stick on this-seems like it's ok but the savings are not huge if you can get a prop firm rate with your own cash?

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