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Enter on CalOnBarClose=True, but Exit Immediately on X Ticks

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so if I understand you correctly you have a strategy and you are in a position and want to exit BEFORE the bar closes.

So is your logic when it goes in your favor by 12 ticks? Are you using either stops or targets or both?
Tell me the logic of your strategy.
If you want to backtest it Historically you need to layer in 1 tick data like this

protected override void Initialize()
     CalculateOnBarClose = true;
     Add(PeriodType.Tick, 1);  
     // adding 1 tick data to the chart which will make it load slowly so only add no more than 5 days
Otherwise you can use OnMarketData which is not historical just real time ticks
You would want to use IOrders

if you are using stops and targets, you can set Target1 to 12 ticks and it will execute intrabar
lots of options depending on your logic.

private IOrder entryOrder  = null;
private IOrder target1Order = null;
private IOrder stopOrder = null;

protected override void Initialize()
     Add(PeriodType.Tick, 1);  // BarsInProgress == 0 for base chart and 1 for ticks
     Unmanaged = true; // I always use unmanaged strategies because I prefer to cancel my stops and targets myself explicitly
protected override void OnBarUpdate()
     if (CurrentBars[0] > 3)
        if (BarsInProgress == 0)
            // base chart logic.  So if your using 15 min chart this happens every 15 minutes
        if (BarsInProgress == 1)
           // tick chart logic.  This chart you can't see but is synced with base chart and added in background

protected override void OnOrderUpdate(IOrder order)
    // handle setting stops and targets once the order is "order.Filled"

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