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HSI (Hang Seng Index Futures) Data Feed Comparison

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Agree with your NT comment. My second post above did say "Been chasing NT but not holding my breath as we say." NTs support is a nightmare and I suggested they quote our support messages to keep track of conversation. Their standard reply loses our message and they invariably do a sleight of hand with not answering original queries, and/or switching topics. Most frustrating as I told them very recently.

Good luck with that! NT is great until you have anything past basic issues with it.

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I will have to give up on SC if I cannot get their data into Jigsaw Trading's upcoming standalone DOM. Chances of that are low and have asked Jigsaw if it is on their plan. Have only run SC once so far and a bit clunky compared to our slick but restrictive NinjaTrader.

I haven't run Jigsaw through Sierra charts. But from everything I have seen with SC it is far and away a much better, more stable, faster platform and has the added bonus I've never seen it freeze like I've repeatedly experienced with NT. SC certainly looks and feels basic at first and things feel hard to find in the menus but after a month of use it felt a lot more intuitive then other platforms. Their support and documentation are 2nd to none and once you spend a little time digging into what can be done with the platform "Out of the Box", its pretty amazing. Give it some time to get the feel of it. I hated it at first but now I won't trade with anything else.

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The other option so far is using eSignal, expensive, but not sure why Sam the thread starter said it had no level 2/market depth. According to my quote from eSignal they do and I will follow up this week. I have a grandfathered NT license so can use eSignal but also need to check Jigsaw will work Ok with it. Should do if NT accepts it, but having spent (wasted) so much time looking for solutions I would not be surprised if nothing works.

Have you looked into using IQFeed? That's the data I ended up getting. It allows as many platform connections as needed on the same computer and has great level 2 data. I use it for all market data and then have a 2nd instance of Sierra Charts connected with broker data to execute live trades through. For my setup, IQFeed powers NT with Jigsaw DOMs and 1 instance of Sierra charts to run everything else I need, then a 2nd installation of SC running CQG to execute trades through.
Currently setting up a trading keyboard and going to use AutoHotKey to setup macros so as to execute the same orders on SC "Live" and NT "SIM" so that I get to still see the order levels on the DOM.
Its not exactly what I would like but its what would free up NT enough to run the DOM stable without constant freezing and crashing.

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The other oddity is that SC's broker listing does not have anyone NT-friendly who also supports HKFE it seems. So waiting on their announcement, as well as what they will say about HK, Macau and China traders who are affected somehow. I may well be excluded from access based on being in Hong Kong.

Very tired...

If you have a grandfathered NT license, you could possibly look at (Do your own due diligence) AMP as a broker (Only older NT licenses allow this). AMP are supported by Sierra Charts and they have CQG broker data that uses the CQG FIX Trading or CQG WebAPI. If you opt for FIX, you organize it with the broker and the broker gets something setup from memory. I've only used it with SC so not sure about other platforms.

You can't use the CQG connection on more then 1 platform at a time (CQG requirement I think) but they offer extra data credentials to login with other platforms for $10-15/mth from memory, so still cheaper then IQFeed. The upside to this is that the 2nd data connection can then be used however you want as your not tied to one desktop/1 data feed. When not in use on your main desktop, use it on a separate computer or tablet if you need to.

Not sure if that addresses your specific issue to get access to the market your after but it might give some different options to look into.

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