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HSI (Hang Seng Index Futures) Data Feed Comparison

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@balance, I did once call to Philip Hong Kong office and they told me they are totally separated from the US branch. So, Philip US clients cannot login to the Philip Hong Kong system for HKFE trading. For NJ brokerage, the chance of having HKFE is zero. ... ...

Ref Sierra Chart HKFE trading in Hong Kong, Macau, and China!

I was given the affiliate contact info today for Hong Kong, and was dumbfounded when being told that his exclusive license for the area applies only to his trading students!! Inconceivable. So that kicks SC out of the picture 100% as far as running it in addition to my Ninja.

Here is my message back to SC support:
>>Thanks for your very quick response. Much appreciated.
Update: I have talked with your Hong Kong exclusive rep and dismayed to find that he only releases your data feed to his own trading students. This effectively limits your data feed to an insignificant number of traders in Hong Kong and is very counter-productive to your growth here. He tells me the same exclusivity applies to China and Macau. Really?
So no need now for me to activate my account and market data. Sad.
Not sure what your marketing side is thinking here. Do they not know how big the China market is?<<

As I said, inconceivable. (Ref 'inconceivable' if you have not yet seen the classic movie 'The Princess Bride', you should.)

Hong Kong

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