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MTPredictor Software reviews

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Hi DrRumpy,

Exactly, I have been around for 29 years in the markets, and I agree, it is so hard trying to sift the useless from the worthwhile as there are so many vendors selling so much nowadays.

It is also very hard because (typically) 95-97% of amateur Traders end up losing anyway. This is not always the result of a bad system, as many amateurs just continue to make so many fundamental mistakes, like over trading, not letting winners run etc etc. The hard fact of Trading life is that it is hard and very few make it.

Personally, I believe that to stand a good chance to have to understand a few basics on the markets, first that markets move in cycles, in other words they go though good/bad or clear/unclear times. This makes trading any type of mechanical system hard (most mechanical systems blow up after a while and are only short lived). This is what Emmett is looking for as this is the only thing that he seems to focus on. But, because this is not what we do at MTPredictor, it will be hard for Emmett to judge us using his limited criteria. We do not believe in mechanical or system trading our setups. Our setups are to be used in conjunction with the end user experience. This is what we teach in our Training (not Trading) Room. I have have been amazed over the years at how different, different users approach and utilize our setups. Everybody is unique and an individual, so it is natural that they will have different Risk tolerance and different aggression and a different (an individual) approach to the markets. Again, that is why trying to attach a track Record to what we do is unrepresentative, because each user will be different anyway.

You are right, money management is not mentioned enough by most vendors, especially when keeping losses under control is so important. This should apply to any system or approach, not just ours. If people can master this, then they stand a chance.


Steve Griffiths
MTPredictor Developer

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