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Can any one recommend a course that teaches you how to read the footprint

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I just want to learn how to read the order flow with footprint chart.

Yes I understand that part. Are you looking to be a scalper? Is that why?

For example I will look to a "foot print" type chart but I'm not a scalper. I only do so for my execution to see exactly how the bid and offers are holding. Asking these questions:

Will I be able to enter and get a fill with a limit order? So when going long I will need to see the bids being taken out, traders hitting into them. If I were to see the bids thick and not chewing though with the offer being lifted I know I should lift the offer too by going market.

Likewise for a short.... Can I get a fill in a limit order? Or do I need to hit the bid?

I use the "foot print" chart only to help with these question along with the DOM. I only look a that chart for about 30 sec.

But if you want to scalp from it you are going to be looking at it much longer with a few different ideas.

So understanding what type of trading you are interested in makes a massive difference.

Either way you still need to be able to find, from a chart, the areas you want to engage with the market. Before looking at the "foot print" chart. Preferably from a higher timeframe chart. Most people when using low timeframe charts lose site of the bigger picture and end up shorting into support or buying resistance. Make sure it's not you.

There is zero substitute for screen time. Hopefully you have a " foot print" chart already and can spend a few months watching it.

Vendors are extremely good at making you think they have magic coding skills and that somehow their code can uncover how people will behave and therefore act. A standard "foot print" chart will do. You don't need, IMHO, all the hype they code up trying to trick too into thinking their version has some secret sauce.

The only way to do this is to develop a skill inside of you and learn to think in terms of probabilities. Understand the auction paradigm. Why do you want to buy something at price X? Is it on sale? After you buy it at X will others buy it at X+1, X+2, X+3 etc making you a profit?


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