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The Electronic Local method

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@colin: I am not saying, it's a fake. The only advice I would give is proceed with caution.

@Braulio: A post from someone who took the training would be helpful, but only a small part of the statistics and it would be really hard to tell which one. He could be someone who failed (the only one) and wants to blame the trainer for it or it could be some trying to increase the sales Difficult to tell.

Trying to stay neutral, a couple of comments
- A few important questions weren't publish on the blog. And the answer would have been really interesting.
- His method might not work for everyone. Theoretically it works, I found a couple of setups and did the backtesting. Even with a probability of 70%, can you wait for a signal for hours an have a loosing day, because the signal belongs to the loosing 30%? Because those signals in the right context are pretty rare.
- I found parts of his methodology within different systems. I mean not only indicators or trading philosophy, but teaching method, too. He is definitely an integrator, the question is, what kind of?
- I understand he is doing backtesting with Multicharts (uptick/downtick, because bid/ask is not available) and trading with MarketDelta (bid/ask). It seems it works for him.

The money: he is offering the DVDs for about 2000-2500 USD. The question: can you afford to lose it or not. For a lot of people, that's serious money. Ironically, buying the DVDs is similar to a trade, maybe not to a day trade but to a position trade.

Even if it's affordable, I would try first to get a proof of it, make it work for me.

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