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Need help with developing my trading system / plan (mentor??)

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The above quote I bolded and italicized is it. That's it right there. Everything else you have typed I have gone through. Super-detailed technical analysis, so much confusion. So much falderal.

noobforlyfe, focus on the first part above, but with the following in mind... (And this is the important bit that is now finally bringing me to consistent profits...)

"What kind of a trader are you?"

I asked myself that question in March or so of this year, found the answer, and am now doing very well in sim. Next step is to take it live and see if I am that same trader. But you gotta' figure out who you are, and what kind of trader you are, and adjust yourself to it. Do not fight who you are...Just adjust to it.

Hey HoopyTrading, thanks for your reply and input. If you don't mind me asking, what is the list of choices to pick from. What I mean by that is the following: pretend you are some mmog action game and someone ask's what type of a person are you? Mage, assasin, marksman, etc etc. Similarly, what are the terms people use in this field?

I mean ultimately the choices was at some point made up by some other human and said this term will mean this and this term will define that.

So I don't know how to answer the question cause all i can think of atm is do I want to be a full time trader or part time trader and i know that is not the answer. Nor do i think adjectives will be the answer to the question.

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