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Need help with developing my trading system / plan (mentor??)

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There are ton of guys who are today millionaire just by writing books to answer that question And they are millionaire because I frankly believe it is not the right question to ask or at least not like that.

Quiet honestly and don't take it negatively but at this point you should not trade or even try SIM trading. My only advise would be: at you level just be careful of the people who will try to sell you a seminar at 10K$ which is supposed to make you a trader in 10 days.

I can't even point you in one direction for information because your question is too general and trading could means thousands of different things.

(and if I read incorrectly your question maybe you should develop, how you trade currently, what is you method, your training etc...)

Good Luck


To further narrow my question, I am looking to learn and develop my trading plan that is right for me for the e mini micro futures, and after a year or 2 of trading live, apply the knowledge and plan to ES and forex ultimately. But like there surely must be a list of things that a trading plan consist of for someone wanting to trade in the ES & forex.

Thank you for the advisory warning, I am definitely going to be skeptical if I come across seminars and courses that claim to teach me in a short amount of time (days to weeks) at a monetary value in the thousands.



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