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L@@king for Free Programming Help - Great Strategy for CL

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L@@king for Free Programming Help - Great Strategy for CL

I have backtested a strategy on the CL that continues to show excellent results. It is the combination of the perfect storm using three EMAs and the standard Ichimoku indicator. What I am trying to do is to clean up my charts. If I put the EMAs and Ichimoku indicators on my chart everything is just too cluttered that I can't hardly see price bars. Plus I have come to the conclusion that all of the indicators are affecting my mental process. So here is what I am hoping to see if a great programmer would help me with:

Based on a Long (just the opposite for a Short)

EMAs: 12, 26, 55
Standard Ichimoku

When price closes above the the 3 EMAs and the Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen have crossed paint the price bars a select color

I am wanting to also be able to hide the EMAs and Tenkan-Sen and Kijun-Sen and just see color changes in the bars, but keep the Ichimoku cloud on the screen for a higher timeframe reference.

Also, this indicator would need to be programmed for Ninjatrader 7.

The reason I am asking for someone to help me for free is that there is no indicator out there like this that I can find. I have practically broke myself with programmers, and I think this indi would be great for the community to try out.

It would be great to allow for the EMAs to be set to whatever someone wants. Basically, you could take an Ichimoku indicator and program it so that the cloud can be shown if wanted, add in the EMAs and program it as stated above for color bars.

Thank you!!

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