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Used to trade 6E now looking at 6A and 6J

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Did people stop trading the 6E since 2015 or is there a fancy new thread somewhere?

I had some questions about this contract but wasn't sure if this is the right place. I come from trading spot forex, but can't tell how holding onto this contract works. Is it just something you need maintenance margin for to hold through the close? Is there some swap involved here too or just the price of entry and exiting the trades?

Other than that I understand that each tick on this contract is worth $12.50 like the ES? So 4 ticks in a point too? Or is it pips here?

Apologize in advance if this is the wrong thread for such questions, if someone can direct me to the right place I'd be grateful.

To me they seem smoother and better for my timings
I also liking ZS a lot these days

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