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DTI with Tom Busby (www.dtitrader.com)

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Ron - 100% agree.

Their sales pitch is excellent and it is the only thing they rely on to keep the hamster wheel turning and the income flowing in. Tom Busby trades (as far as I can see) with nothing but guesses. He has zero clue about how trading works, but it all sounds so impressive to a new trader. Any losing trade is quickly swept under the carpet and the record keeping is abysmal.

Their trading is some of the worst I have ever seen. One of the “traders” Jeanette Sims however intrigued me. She claimed to be a trader but quite frankly she didn’t have a clue. She always sounded so convincing and knowledgeable but something just didn’t fit.

One time she was moderating the “trading room” (by trading room I mean “a chat room sales pitch”). I always record my screen and one day during “live” trading I could have sworn I heard the haunting NinjaTrader voice very faintly in the background. So faintly that it could have been easily missed. I am a musician so I like to think my ears have a good depth, so I rewound the tape so to speak, did some filtering and low and behold I was right.

This happened a few times and so I mentioned it one day in the chat room and her reply was “…you can hear that?”. The moral of course being whenever a trade (SIM more than likely) went in her favour it would be lauded about “did you get that, we mentioned the strong break out earlier”. But the “STOP FILLED” didn’t get any response. Strange that.

DTI is nothing but a sales pitch hoping to up sell you at every opportunity.

Just for fun I looked up Jeanette on LinkedIn. Low and behold her background is business development. Funny that.


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