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Mystic phenomena in Continuum datafeed

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Hmm, that's very very strange.
There are error corrections in multiple places: on the broadband size (fiber or DSL or whatever) and then in the Ethernet packets themselves (Frame check sequence). I assume there are also CRC in the data feed provider API itself so I don't see how the broadband link could be the root cause.
I f the payload is corrupted (the useful data in the network frame) then it's CRC will failed and the packet will be dropped at layer 2, higher layers (operating system) won't see it.

So I assume your ISP was corrupting packets and was sending valid CRC what a shame, that's criminal!

@Renkotrader first I would say, the problem I describe is only a possibility to check, but NT support are helpful and you have video evidence.

@sam028 Indeed strange. I doubt it was a false CRC issue though there were many bad packets, it was at the application level inside NT when dealing with a high error rate connection. Perhaps a threading or buffer size issue? Everything else perfectly fine, Web sites, torrents, data file downloads (6GB ISOs etc, perfect, not damaged files). Sierrachart running in parallel (on CQG data) perfect when these glitches/artifacts appeared in NT.

Eircom's e-fiber ran the last section over old copper phone lines however the speeds were remarkably fast. Their support confirmed that certain gamers also encountered a problem and it was 'nature of the technology'. They are rolling out fibre to house nationwide now to eliminate the copper leg and going to 1Gb standard.

I was an IT consultant and I took a long time to accept it (and it cost me $$). PathPing showed various problems even leaving the house (in 3 homes around the country).

A guy in Australia confirmed the same issue with his ISP & NT and a friend in the US had it recently though this was probably down to faulty equipment (certainly we had ATM orders with no Stop submitted twice and other issues). NT has a hand in it though as something is poorly written.

I know to anyone technical it seems... strange... easy to think could have been this or that. NT support very obviously knew (by how they skirted it on the phone and in email) but were not going to admit it.

This was very frustrating however they did offer to connect me (or try to arrange) via a European CQG Gateway so I have to give them credit for that. It may have reduced the problem however my move to Colombia fix is much better.

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