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I had this exact same issue and still working through it. I've moved from FDAX to HSI on HKFE.

To continue to use NT with a licence bought after mid 2015 and get unfiltered data I have had to pay for Esignal Premier and connect their data manager to Ninjatrader (pretty easy process). The data from Esignal in real time is rock solid and I can't see a difference to my old data provider CQG. However they annoyingly do not offer Level 2 data on HKFE which isnt the end of the world for me but still it would be nice. Their back fill tick data is not so great with lots of bad ticks which again isnt the end of the world for me as I am trading day by day so yesterday's data doesn't matter for me, in fact I don't even bother to load it generally. Their back fill minute data is rock solid and no bad ticks.

Now if you have a Ninjatrader Licence bought prior to some date in mid 2014 I think you can plug pretty much any CQG datafeed into it from any broker and their are quite a few that offer it. You may want to investigate this if you purchased it prior to that...

Hope that helps.

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