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I sat in the room for the better part of two weeks...more often than not, no one is even "in" the room doing anything. When they are, they certainly don't call any trades if that's what you're after. They're all about market profile...which I have heard can be good if you only focus on market profile. You need to get the market delta software (separate company and separate fee) to even begin to make it work / learn what they're doing. Although, last I knew, they're still trying to set up some deal where you can trade sim for 2 months and if you do ok with that, they'll fund an account for you to trade so that might be a consideration for some. For me...I don't want to hold anything outside of market hours right now--too much risk. I think for market profile to work, you have to leave very wide stops and be willing to hold things for more than just day trading. Although you have the potential to catch some big moves with very nice profit potential...I will say that much.

has any one been through there stuff

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