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Okay... so being a woman in the trading market is slim and few, but being a housewife as well, I must be a hoax? BS! Well, guess what... I'm a housewife, a mom, and I TRADE! OMG! ludicrous, right??!!!!
Obviously, this male dominated forum is not the right place for me!! I joined to learn more from others, and share my success... I assume that is what this is all about! Do I pitch the product I purchased? damn right. I bought it, it works, I'm happy and it makes me money! Who wouldn't?!?!?!
Guess I will go back to observing, learning, and NOT sharing!

I was not going to insult anybody, but as a trader I have learned to think in terms of probability. Let us have a look at some facts:

(1) Your first post ever in this forum is related to ProEquityTrader. So far you have not shared anything, but you came to this forum to defend your position. If I was a trading houseman, I would never come to BigMike's forum to defend ProEquityTrader with my first post, even if I was a satisfied user of that product.

(2) On the ProEquityTrader website ther are the following links:

- What is a futures contract? -> shows that the website aims at inexperienced traders (target)
- Why Trade E-mini Futures? Answers: "Easier than stocks". -> any seasoned futures trader knows that this is false, and again this shows that the website aims at inexperienced traders.

(3) The website does not contain valuable information on the trading method. All serious websites that I know do not hide what they do, and have published information on the methods used. There are no charts or information whatsoever. The Target Trader Video is temporariliy unavailable.

(4) Earn up to $ 500 for referring a friend. Looks like a structured marketing vehicle. Would serious websites like TTM, emini-watch, NEXGEN do this?

(5) Some further posts from TraderBee:

1st ever post on Trade2Win (May 14):

My Experience w/David Marsh and
Many of my families members purchased Dave Marsh's auto trader for the emini and we were not impressed. We lost quite a substantial amount of money. We have found another product since then and it is AMAZING! It is great and they even gave us a 7 free day preview to see how it works before we purchased.
It is HANDS DOWN the best I have seen/traded! So easy!

2nd post (June 19)

Re: Some Advice please
If you are looking for something super easy to understand and incredibly accurate, check out
You can go to their website and join their Trading room free for a week and even try out their indicators before you buy... they don't really advertise that, but they let me, so mention it.
I'm just a housewife who trades for daily income, yet I I have not had a losing trade for weeks! The accuracy is great!

Good luck!

3rd post (June 19, same thread, after the 2nd post provoked a negative reaction)

Re: Some Advice please
Well I bought it and trade it everyday and it works... so there must be substance. You've obviously looked in the wrong places and had bad experiences. I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about the industry, but I know how much my account increases each week and those numbers are real!
Best of Luck!

4th post (July17)

Trailing stop advice????
Hi Everyone!

I am trading off indicators from Pro Equity Trader and I am wondering if anyone else uses a trailing stop on their system? The TF seems to move very quick so I have it set to move every 3 ticks behind the current price. Sometimes It'll come back and stop me at 3 ticks profit, other times I'll fill 10+ ticks profit. Should I give it more room with my stop? Should I be happy with 3-10 ticks each trade? Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
Thanks and happy trading!
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5th post (July 17, same thread)

Re: Trailing stop advice????
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Thanks for the feedback!!

Shadowninja- Yes, I am scalping ticks on the TF. I have a 9-10 winning ratio, but I get more 3 tick wins than 10+ tick wins. I wonder if I should make the gap larger so I don't get stopped out so quickly at only 3 ticks profit?

William- Yeah, maybe I should be happy with just taking 3 or 5 ticks every trade? That is how I was mentored, but I was fascinated with the trailing stop and thought I would experiment a bit.

Thanks a bunch!! I really appreciate the feedback!

Looks, like a promotional tour. The threat of NOT SHARING above is not really threatening, LOL.

(6) Domain was registered in Octobre 2009. Domain had been previously deleted for spam and abuse. The product has been recently launched. There is no known history for the product. It has never been mentioned on EliteTrader or T2W (with exception of the promotional tour of TraderBee). Unlike other well known professional websites, next to no information is given on the trading methods.

If you google the name of the Executive Head Mentor you will also find this:

Proven Online Marketing Ideas

About The Author, Timothy Mcgaffin

About the author: Subscribe to the authors' online marketing newsletter wealthy marketer where he will reveal the two biggest secrets to earning $10,000 or a month within 30 days. Also see: wealthy marketer to receive two valuable gifts the author uses daily in his online marketing.

I do not know however, whether the 2 Timothy McGaffins are the same person or whether this is mere conincidence, caution please!

As a trader I am thinking in probabilities, and with the information available to me, there is something like a 99% probability that this product is worthless, as all the alarm bells that can ring are ringing loudly.

Nevertheless, 99% is no certainty, so if somebody proves me wrong, please come in and lay out your arguments. As a trader I am willing to change my mind, if there is any new evidence. I am waiting.

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