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Okay... so being a woman in the trading market is slim and few, but being a housewife as well, I must be a hoax? BS! Well, guess what... I'm a housewife, a mom, and I TRADE! OMG! ludicrous, right??!!!!
Obviously, this male dominated forum is not the right place for me!! I joined to learn more from others, and share my success... I assume that is what this is all about! Do I pitch the product I purchased? damn right. I bought it, it works, I'm happy and it makes me money! Who wouldn't?!?!?!
Guess I will go back to observing, learning, and NOT sharing!

You offered to post your trading statements to support your claims on the success you had with this vendor. So far, you haven't done that. Perhaps you skipped my post about that.

I'm afraid without proof, you're really not "sharing" anything. The reason proof is required is because you said a vendor helped you. Experience has shown that people who make claims of extraordinary trading success due to a vendor's methods are not credible. In fact, most are shills. Coupled with the fact this is the only thread you choose to post in further raises the red flag about your intent.

So, instead of getting indignant about any perceived sexists comments from FT, post your statements if you really want help here.

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