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Okay... so being a woman in the trading market is slim and few, but being a housewife as well, I must be a hoax? BS! Well, guess what... I'm a housewife, a mom, and I TRADE! OMG! ludicrous, right??!!!!
Obviously, this male dominated forum is not the right place for me!! I joined to learn more from others, and share my success... I assume that is what this is all about! Do I pitch the product I purchased? damn right. I bought it, it works, I'm happy and it makes me money! Who wouldn't?!?!?!
Guess I will go back to observing, learning, and NOT sharing!

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The housewife idea is not bad marketing. They try to lure inexperienced traders, so they need a sample customer who triggers the purchaser's confidence in the product. It is a bit like the testimonials on the websites.

The reaction is supposed to be: If that housewife can be successful, I can do that as well,. No losing trades in several weeks! after all the product is not that expensive.

But the housewife story and the statement that there were no losing trades over several weeks - with a stop loss of 2 or 3 ticks - reveals that they are hunting for credulous beginners.

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