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The Electronic Local method

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Ok, I had to post this. I've followed the touted EL blog for a couple of months. Bellow a few thoughts on it.

Why this could be true:
- He is tired of trading and wants to get another type of income or use leverage
- He likes to teach more than to trade
- It makes sense, I think (without proof) that his method could be put to work. I mean not just the technical trading, but the whole learning method.
- The money is needed for the disease, the money from trading wouldn't be enough.
- He donates money to charity and want to increase his donations without taking a cut on his income

Why this could be a fake:
- No one knows him, no one knows any student who learned from him and is now making money
- Even if he is successful as a trader, there is no guarantee that he can transfer his know how.
- I found small "details" on the blog, we wouldn't bother to answer them, a couple of comments weren't published. No proof, though.
- Looking only at the outer aspect, you can't tell if it's a fake or not. It is the same site selling something. I must admit I am overly cautious on someone selling things.

Neutral considerations:
- The price of training class and now of DVDs is well researched. I found methods, DVDs, classes that ask the same amount. He is about to start a new business, quite different from trading.
- I did a small research on the selling company. Perhaps just a coincidence, a London based company with the same name was closed a few years ago.

On the data I have I couldn't reach any definitive conclusion...

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