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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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I do not have a clue about Flux Capacitor or emini maven but I do know very well Globaltraderoom because I was in their trading room last year for many days.
In my opinion, at least at that time, this was a total joke. For what was offering at that time even a penny was too expensive.
After a while this room was reviewed by Emmett Moore. If you want to find out how the subscriber were scammed read the replays of this thread :
Global Trade Room - Trading Schools.Org

IMHO if someone wants to buy smth he should ask the proof the provider can make money with his system/facilitation indicator. Many can not bring any proof but very few can. It is hard to find those that can because they are not promoted and you will not find them in the first pages on Google search.

BTTFT Michael View Post
The following things were offered to Mr. Moore:

A. You can interview anyone of 10 actual customers who stepped forward to share their actual live trading results with him. Why customers?, you ask. Because there's no way to verify whether or not the system my corporation is trading, is the system I'm teaching to my customer. For example (think this thru, it's so important everyone open up their minds here and not fall for Emmett (don't ever call him Mr. Moore, he doesn't deserve that respect) and his little game. It's a fairly obvious thing to do, wouldn't you think?

Here are 10 people that bought the system - who are not vendors - who want to share their results with you. Just call these 10 numbers and speak to them. Look at their results, and interview them for your article.

No response. Ever. No interest whatsoever. Why?

B. You can take the software for free - I'll give you the rules based trading system we teach our customers - and you can trade it in sim or live or whatever by yourself. Post the results at the end of the month, end of a few months, whatever. We'll train you and give you our best stuff for free.

No response. Ever. No interest whatsoever. Why?

I'm going to say this again for everyone in case they forgot.....Mr. Moore doesn't trade the system he is reviewing, or in any of the conversations I've had with him said he trades. I've asked.

Here's the business model some people online have alleged ( I can't confirm this as I didn't get that far with him / wouldn't play the game)

a. "Review" someone
b. "request" a trading record
c. If the trading record is good (no one knows "what" was traded in the record after all) offer to promote the product
d. Get an "affiliate commission".
e. Make every vendor who doesn't play the game a pariah, pushing people to the "affiliate sales" companies.

Think this through for yourself right now....if Mr. Moore has access to 5 star trading systems, has fully "vetted" them for the public, where's HIS trading record? If he has access to the absolute best this industry has to offer, and has proof beyond all doubt it works - where are HIS trades? It would seem like a 'no-brainer', right?

There are a few links you guys can check out before you jump on this pile:

A Review of Emmett Moore | Trading Schools.Info

Emmett Moore - Global Trade Room

Emmett Moore: Proof Positive that a Leopard Can?t Change it?s Spots - The Fractal Futures Trader

Now ask yourself - if other people had these experiences with and doubts about this individual with these types of accusations - would you give him your personal financial information? Would you give someone accused of SEC fraud any of your information?

Think for yourselves guys - use your heads. BMT / IO is a great place for everyone to learn. But there's a right way to do it. I don't mind taking my lumps in here, but please don't hold me to this guy's standard. It's just not something I'll do.

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