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Zoethecus, did Roger Felton really do that with his wife? I was in his webinar tonight and he seemed like a slick salesman. He gave several excuses of why he doesn't trade live in the room (but at least he admitted to trading in SIM in the room). He asked if anyone thinks that Tiger Woods should be training someone to play golf while playing in the Masters. He also mentioned that he would need to be licensed as a CTA which I know for a fact is bs. I can understand not wanting to be distracted by teaching while you are trading but if you can't do this effectively, then why bother teaching if your methods are so good?

Sorry for being off topic on this thread.

My understanding is this woman was exposed by a member of ET. First, he learned she was Roger's secretary, who also turned out to be his wife.

The Tiger Woods analogy is ludicrous. Felton has never demonstrated he can profitably trade with cash; Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers of all time.

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