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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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I will remove myself from this thread.

Some posts I made a while back were removed and in hindsight rightly so. My aim was to get some honest accountability provided from the vendor, but my angle was probably offside.

For all the traders whom stumble across this thread or any other thread for that matter with reference to a vendor, be diligent and do your homework.

As part of your vetting process you should verify any vendor's claims. Requesting vendor's redacted trading statements is perfectly reasonable for a system you are looking to purchase. There is no CFTC ruling or law that states a vendor cannot supply this. All personal information can be redacted.

If the vendor cannot supply or won't supply, then they lose your business. If they don't trade their own system then start asking more questions. If they refer you to testimonials of other "satisfied" traders, you will never know how independent these "satisfied" traders really are. So stay frosty every step of the way.

If @Big Mike feels the need to remove this post, then sobeit. I will now bow out of this thread, but in the future I hope to see some real reviews by real traders of this system.

My understanding is that Flux is a tool to use rather than a system to trade. If I'm incorrect, then my apologies. But if it's a tool then it would be the users proficiency using the tool that counts. Most folks probably didn't ask @NinjaTrader or @sierra Chart or @gomi or @Fat Tails or @bookMap, etc. for redacted trading statements before trying their products. TaylorMade says my new driver will add 10 yards to my drives. I don't give a darn if someone at TaylorMade can hit this driver 10 yards farther. What I care about is how it can improve my game.

That said, I totally agree with your suggestion to "stay frosty" when evaluating any vendor trading claims.

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