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Webinar: Stage 5 Bookmap (S5 Bookmap) Order Flow / Tape Reading

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This seems to be a really decent product, from what I am seeing. I am curious if anyone on here has had any experience using it (besides FuturesTrader71 ).

I've used it.

It's good for identifying support/ resistance, and seeing what is actually going on in the market.

Traders refer to things like pivot points, previous days high/lows, POC, VAH,VAL etc as areas of S/R. Then when those certain levels don't hold, they put it down to poor "context" etc etc. However with the likes of Bookmap you can further justify S/R, with areas where the book has physically stacked up, or where large lots have traded/ not traded. So there's less need to speculate on S/R, Bookmap helps paint a more conclusive picture.

People like FuturesTrader71 probably get alot of value from it, because they already have a profitable methodology and Bookmap helps them further validate their trades.

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