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Anyone use Daytradetowin?

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I think maybe you misunderstood my post. I wasn't touting JP. I was trying to be sarcastic in a politically correct way by demonstrating how he makes a living selling his snake oil such that he doesn't even need to actually trade himself. I was one of the idiots who bought into his sales pitches. His ATO method does not work in the long run becasue of the wide stops. Period! The other week this method lost 18 points in 2 days. Brutal. Why do you think he stopped posting his results? Because they were freaking bogus!!

His original scalping method has a decent win percentage but risking 12 ticks to make 2-3 ticks is insane IMO! The Atlas Line is a joke I'm starting to believe. His X5 trade is interesting but very subjective. The one method that seems to work more than 75% of the time is his Trade Scalper. Risking 5 ticks to make 2-3 ticks with a 75% win percentage is easier to swallow.

The one thing that I found interesting was that JP put up a website for DTW customers to share ideas. I figured, if he was really trying to be sneaky, the last thing he'd want would be for his customers to communicate with one another. Unfortunately, he now filters peoples' posts. That is very disturbing!

Also, during his webinars, he no longer allows peoples' questions to be seen by everyone on the webinar. The questions go right to him. This too is VERY disturbing! What is he trying to hide?

However, JP and his DTW cronies recently had a live expo in FL for DTW customers. I found that interesting. Why would he open himself to ridicule at a live event if he was so sneaky? That would be a perfect place for a disgruntled customer to show up and give him what for.

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